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Hi visitor,


My name is Bart Dirks and in 1999 I was in a similar same place as you are now. Yes, browsing the web and reading all about online dating. In that time online dating was in her early days and to be honest, I didn't know anything about it. In fact I was a little bit reserved and felt a bit ashamed that I was browsing through online catalogs.


Today, it is just a normal thing. Online dating is one of the biggest online markets of the web. And every day new dating sites arise like flowers in spring.


But still there is a big difference between Online Dating and Russian women looking for a life partner or husband. On Online dating sites you will find any type of person who are looking for any type of contact. On the so-called Russian dating sites (which mostly are real agencies) you only will find Russian women (or other East European women) who serious are looking for a man to marry with.

My (Russian) wife created a site with lots of information about this kind of dating. If you are interested you can visit her How to marry a Russian site here.


This site only shows you photo's and biographies of Single Russian Women looking for a partner. These profiles are from 3 different large agencies who started already from 1997. These agencies are operated by American men (all married with a Russian or Ukrainian woman) and a Russian woman who married a South African man. These agencies have a lot of (user) experiences and real contact with their female members. And another important fact: they have a good record of reliability.


Just have fun when browsing these gorgeous looking ladies and I wish you all the luck to become as happy as I am with a Russian woman.

If you have a question, about my site, about anything related to dating Russian women, don't hesitate and just ask me by using the form below.


Bart Dirks - Beverwijk - The Netherlands




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