Internet safety and Dating Scams Prevention

Dating scam is when a person (man or woman), which you never have met in person, asks money from you for no matter what reason.

What is NOT dating scam?
An online dating agency that accidently (order mistake or similar) calculates more than you (think) have ordered. Many people define such experiences as ‘scam’ which is not true. At any shop on- or offline can happen things like that. Just correct the mistake by contacting the agency and ask for a refund. Just the same you would do in a supermarket.

Back to the real dating scam.
Stop Dating Scam!It is very easy not to get scammed if you always follow this advice:

Never send any money to a person you never have met before, even when she and her child dies from hunger or her mother dies from not taking her medicines, which she can’t afford to buy!

Sounds easy, isn’t it? But you should know how many people still pull their credit card when a beautiful looking young woman asks you that she wants to visit you. She tells you that she has saved enough money for the airline tickets, but still need an extra $100,- for paying her visa and that she has to wait for another 3 month’s to save that kind of money.

Of course (as a real gentleman) you will say, no problem dear, I will pay the $100,- for your visa. Oh, my dear man, I really love you sooo much, thank you my dear man!

wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong!

Sorry, but when writing this, I always have to laugh a bit for the stupidity some people have in this situation. But I guarantee you, these things still happen. Just let them never happen to you!

So please, always follow my advice (never send money!) and nothing will happen at all.