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If you have made a poor first impression, it is more likely that you will not have a second chance. A first date is always an excited, but also a nervous experience. There are so many ways the things can go wrong and so much hope they will go right.

When a girl first meets a guy, she evaluates him in a few seconds. She is able to form her opinion based on his looks, dress, gesturing, and manner of speaking. However, these aspects are not the only ones that make a Russian girl like or dislike a man. When the date starts, other important factors take over – what a man says, how he behaves and what he does.

Russian wives to buy – How a man can spoil a date

According to Russian wives, there are the 10 worst things that guys often do on dates.

1. A guy has no plan. He arranges a meeting and then asks a girl: “So, where do you fancy going?” This is one of the most tasteless questions that make a girl feel bored already. Russian wives prefer men who are good at decision making. So, do not ask a girl, just be a knight and take her somewhere nice.

2. He talks about past relationships. The first meeting is not about who dumped who and why. It is about having a relaxing and pleasant conversation.

3. He does not ask any questions. If you are not interested in a girl, then why are you here?

4. A man tells nothing about himself. When someone asks you a question, you are supposed to answer it. If instead you begin to behave like you are in witness protection, do not get surprised that a girl loses her interest in you very soon.

5. He is whining. Russian wives do not like men who complain on their first dates. If you do that, be sure it will be your last meeting with this woman.

6. Making a “compliment” by saying “Why is so beautiful girl like you single?” Please, do not be trivial.

7. A guy uses obscene words. The date is not an appropriate occasion to cuss. On the whole, a woman is not someone who should hear the foul language. Always have respect.

8. A man exaggerates with his cologne. It is nearly as bad as smelling foul. The scent of the cologne should be subtle. Still, you do not want your woman to suffocate.

9. He is late for a date. Unless you have a reason, like an attack of aliens, invasion of zombies or a common tornado, always be on time or better a bit earlier.

10. A man is crazy about his phone. Playing with your phone, texting, checking Facebook, reading news – anything is more interesting than listening to the women in front of you? Well, then maybe it is better not to waste her time, pay the bill and say goodbye?

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You cannot know exactly what a girl will like or want when you first meet her, but at least you can make a good first impression. If you leave her with a positive image of you, then there is a great probability that you will hear from her again.