Why do Russian women look so beautiful?

The scientists have all answers. For decades, they have been studying the reasons why love happens. They state that brain chemistry affects our feelings towards other people. Russian women disagree that love is awakened by chemicals. Passion, desire, urge – yes, but not love. It is too much an intelligent and spiritual feeling to be aroused by some chemical activity in our bodies. Love is born in heart and mind.

Attraction is just the beginning

The first thing that people notice is attractiveness. It is not all about looks, though physical attraction is a step forward. However, the concept of beauty differs from person to person, and does not stick for long. In order to keep a russian woman by his side, a man need to possess other qualities, which are valued by females.

Russian women vary in their preferences as to the male’s voice, figure, speech, gestures, and movements. It also matters how he looks at and speaks to people. All these factors should come together to make a girl want to date with a man. This is only a superficial attraction, the so-called state of being in love. Yet, this condition is quite brief and needs a more complicated work to be kept and transformed into a deeper feeling. Rapprochement or estrangement begins with communication and upon further acquaintance.

Traits that russian girls fall for

Russian girls are very emotional creatures. Falling in love for them is a very important thing. It is not only a joy, but a chance to feel safe and cared for.

Women of Russia name 5 qualities that influence their choice of men:

1. Sense of humor. Women adore men who make them laugh. Laughter helps people bare their souls and throw their worries away. A man who can see the funny side of things, laugh at himself and stay positive under any circumstances, is definitely one of the most desired life partners.

2. Chivalry. Being a gentleman in trifles, like opening the door for a lady, pulling the chair and waiting for her be seated, is something women expect and appreciate.

3. Family issues. No matter how weird the family of a girl is, it is still her family and she is fond of those people. It gives a man extra points when he gets in close with his girlfriend’s family members and make them love him.

4. Proper introduction. When introducing a lady to his own family and friends, a man should demonstrate to them how important this girl is for him. The family introduction is the display of how seriously a man takes this relationship.

5. Attention. No matter how busy a man is, there is always a possibility to make a call, write a text message or send flowers. Any woman is waiting for a man to show her that he is there for her and that he cares.

It is not so difficult to win a girl’s heart. All you need is just to be thoughtful and interested. By paying attention to a lady’s habits, behaviors and preferences, you will be able use this knowledge to deepen the attraction that already exists.