Why are Russian women seeking a foreign partner?

Some years ago a majority of women had little exposure to online dating or marriage agencies in Russia. They tended to see this way of meeting men as something humiliating or subpar. There was a common opinion, that people who are looking for partners in Internet are desperate and unable to interest someone in a real life.

Today, when most of the public knows someone who has met a partner or a spouse due to online dating, the attitudes to these sites and agencies have grown progressively more positive. Now, russian online dating is much more acceptable than it was ten years ago and is considered a good way of meeting people.

Online vs offline

Within the last two decades the life of people has become so busy and hectic, that they are left no time for new acquaintances. Moreover, there are actually no places where singles can meet. Surely, you can go to the pub, dancing or sports club, but the chances of meeting there someone special are quite remote.

Drinking and dancing are not appropriate for a serious discussion. As for the sports club, people usually go there to exercise and not to talk about their personal stuff. For girls, it is even more difficult.

For instance, Russian women find it unacceptable to make a first step; they believe that a foreign man should take the lead in getting acquainted with the lady. At the same time many foreign men feel uneasy to acquaint with russian girls in public, because they are not sure a girl would be interested and being rejected is definitely not something men pursue.

Or else, you might not have problems with meeting girls, but you may be searching for a person with particular hobbies, like horseback riding, art, hiking or whatever. All those girls you get acquainted with are nice and attractive, but they do not share your views and passions. While, in relationships the common interests are important to feel close to each other.

So, what an individual should do in this situation? You want to build serious relationships and also have a family, but you have no opportunity to find a suitable partner. That’s when online dating comes in handy.

Finer points of dating agencies

Women of Russia, who actively use dating agencies today, define 5 reasonable values of it:

1. No awkwardness. This is a perfect opportunity for shy people. You can contact those you like without feeling embarrassed. The worst they can do is not respond.

2. Mutual interests. The profile of each person on the site contains information on what they like. You can pick according to your needs and wishes. If you love sky-jumping or planting, specify it in your profile and see who replies.

3. Minimal pressure. When you meet someone offline and the person suggests to exchange phone numbers, you have just a couple of seconds to decide whether you want them to call you. What if they are weird? Online communication allows you to take time, get to know the person better, find out what they are about and only then make up your mind.